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co to znaczy.proble z abgx360

Temat na forum 'Kosz' rozpoczęty przez matrix032, Grudzień 16, 2011.

  1. matrix032

    matrix032 Świeżak Świeżak

    Grudzień 16, 2011
    Punkty za osiągnięcia:
    Checking for updates to abgx360.dat...
    Server file abgx360.dat no newer than local file - not retrieving

    D:\torent\all-cod5\all-codwaw.dvd is valid

    Checking Game
    ISO: "D:\torent\all-cod5\all-codwaw.iso"
    Size: 7835492352 bytes
    Files in ISO: 16733, Folders in ISO: 286
    Total bytes used: 6800252952 (93.17%)
    Game appears to have random padding

    Checking default.xex
    Original PE Filename: CoD.exe
    Original PE Timestamp: 2008/09/28 03:23:01
    Game Name: CoD: World at War
    Developer: Treyarch
    Publisher: Activision
    Genre: First Person Action
    No Avatar Awards
    Achievements: 46 Achievements totaling 1000 Gamerscore
    XEX CRC = AD254612
    XEX Media ID: 36B8BC5BEE2837ABA5B2D1A1-17723718

    Region Code: 0xFFFFFFFF
    Region Free!

    Checking SS
    Timestamp of Authoring: 2008/09/30 00:00:00
    Timestamp of Mastering: 2008/10/11 18:03:50
    SS Version: 1
    SS CRC = 9C8430CC (RawSS = F1BA377D)
    SS Media ID: 36B8BC5BEE2837ABA5B2D1A1-17723718 (matches game)
    SS looks valid

    Checking DMI
    Timestamp of Authoring: 2008/09/30 00:00:00 (matches SS)
    DMI CRC = 8804AC42
    DMI Media ID: 36B8BC5BEE2837ABA5B2D1A1-17723718 (matches game)
    DMI looks valid

    Checking PFI
    PFI CRC = A4CFB59C
    PFI matches known data (2nd Wave)

    Video partition found
    Video CRC = 91410773 (V0 = 81DF6964, V1 = E47F6A94)
    Video partition matches known data (2nd Wave)

    Basic Stealth check passed!

    Starting Verification
    Looking for 9C8430CCAD254612.ini in the online verified database
    Server file 9C8430CCAD254612.ini no newer than local file - not retrieving

    Using 9C8430CCAD254612.ini (350 bytes)
    Video CRC matches
    V0 CRC matches
    V1 CRC matches
    PFI CRC matches
    DMI CRC matches
    SS CRC matches
    Xex CRC matches

    Checking Game CRC... (press Q to cancel)
    Percent Elapsed Estimated Time Average Current Errors Total
    Done Time Time Left Speed Speed Recovered Retries
    100% 1:11 1:11 0:00 98.0 MB/s 107.7 MB/s

    AnyDVD style corruption was not detected
    Game CRC = 24C6FDA1

    Game partition CRC does not match the verified ini! There are 4 possibilities:

    1. This is a bad rip (the most likely cause). If you're checking a DVD backup
    and have AnyDVD or a similar app installed, make absolutely sure the process is
    killed! If this is a scene release, search for it on abgx.net and look at the
    column "Bad CRC or Needs Fixing". If you see a <!> icon, hover over it with
    your mouse to read the alt text. If it says something like "Bad game data CRC"
    or gives the name of a fix (PPF patch), we already know about it. It's also
    highly recommended to run abgx360 again with AutoFix set to level 3 if you
    applied a PPF to make sure stealth files haven't been corrupted. See "What is
    AnyDVD style corruption?" in the GUI Quickstart tab for more info on game data

    2. Your CPU/RAM/HDD/data bus is unstable and corrupted the data during
    extraction/burning or while checking the CRC. Make sure to run the sfv and try
    extracting it again (assuming you have the sfv/rars) and recheck the ISO/DVD to
    see if you get the same CRC.

    3. Game data was intentionally modified for some reason. Microsoft does not
    take kindly to modifications for any purpose, and even benign changes to game
    data or settings will get you banned from Xbox Live!

    4. The verified Game CRC in the database is wrong (very unlikely).

    Stealth was verified but game data wasn't

    Comparing L1 Video on L0 to L1 Video on L1... SplitVid is valid

    Press any key to exit . . .

    o coo chodzi???
  2. Lotnik421 Xbox One

    Ja z swojej strony polecam
  3. The_Human

    The_Human Użytkownik Użytkownik

    Październik 24, 2009
    Punkty za osiągnięcia:
    To co widzisz, CRC się nie zgadza z CRC z bazy danych

    Jeśli chcesz, możesz zaryzykować płytkę i spróbować wypalić, jest spora szansa ze bedzie dzialac...


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