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Gears of war 2 dialogi COG

Temat na forum 'Kosz' rozpoczęty przez mck82, Listopad 17, 2009.

Status Tematu:
  1. mck82

    mck82 Użytkownik Użytkownik

    Grudzień 5, 2008
    Punkty za osiągnięcia:
    ....Tu i teraz....
    Mysle ze co poniektorych z was moze zainteresowac spis tych wypowiedzi z GOW 2.

    (Nie znalazlem podobnego na tym forum tematu,jesli slabo szukalem i gdzies taki jest badz podobny to do usuniecia.Zestawke zdarlem z innej strony takze jesli jest jakish byk to sorry).

    Marcus Fenix

    • Headshots: "Oh yea!"
    • Pick-ups: "Nice!", "Don't mind if I do", "I'll take those", "Sweet!", "I'll take that", "Good to go", "Got 'em", "Got it!", "Supplies for the effort!.
    • Active Reloads: "Nice!", "Ahh, Damn!", "Oh yea!", Ahh, come on!", "Lock and Load"
    • Curbstomps: "Annd.. DEAD!", "Ahh, just die will ya!", "Eat Boot!", "And.. stay down!", "Suck Pavement", "Eat Dirt!", "That was easy".
    • Kills: "Who's next?", "Next!", "Got one!", "Scratch one Grub!", "Back in your hole!"
    • Chainsaws: "Nothin but bits!?".
    • Ammo: "Out of Ammo!", "I need ammo!"
    • 3rd Party: Coming Soon!
    • Revives: "Get up!", "Fight through the pain!".
    • Bleeding-out: Coming Soon!
    • Friendly Fire: "Your blocking my shots!".
    • Grenades: "Throwing smoke!", "Throwing Frag!", "Incoming smoke!", "Incoming Frag!"

    • Headshots: "Goodnight", "Lights out!"
    • Pick-ups: "Got it!", "Got 'em", "Lock and Load", "Nice!", "Supplies for the effort!".
    • Active Reloads: "Piece of Crap!", "Greeaat!", "Nice!", "Let's do this!", "There ya go!", "Oh, perfect", "Dammit".
    • Curbstomps: " You're out!", "Eat boot!", "A little sole!".
    • Kills: "Another dead grub", "One dead grub", "That's one!", "Man, that was nasty", "Got one!".
    • Chainsaws: "Now that was satisfying!", "Oh.. that is disgusting!", "Man, that was nasty!", "I could do that all day long", "Ahh man look at this ****!".
    • Ammo: "I'm out", "It's empty".
    • 3rd Party: Coming Soon!
    • Revives: Coming Soon!
    • Bleeding-out: "Anyone out there?", "Could use some help here!", "Could use a hand here".
    • Friendly Fire: "Your blocking my shots!", "Do I look like Locust to you?"..
    • Grenades: "Smoke out!", "Frag out!", "Incoming Smoke!", "Incoming Frag!".

    Minh Young Kim
    • Headshots: "Ooh yea!", "They don't know who their messing with", "Ohh that's gotta hurt", "Eat that!"
    • Pick-ups: "Got it", "Don't mind if I do", "Good to go", "Got 'em", "I'll take that", "Supplies for the effort!", "Dibs!".
    • Active Reloads: "Oh yea!", "Ergh.. come on!"
    • Curbstomps: "Annnd.. DEAD!", "Goodnight", "Back in your hole!", "Eat BOOT!", "Die already!".
    • Kills: "One dead grub!", "Got one!", "Who's next?", "Next", "Scratch one grub".
    • Chainsaws: "Smells like last night's dinner!?".
    • Ammo: "Out of ammo", "I'm out".
    • 3rd Party: Coming Soon!
    • Revives: "Get up!", "Quit laying around!".
    • Bleeding-out: "God-dammit somebody help me out here!".
    • Friendly Fire: "Your blocking my shots!", "Don't make me shoot you!", "Don't push me soldier!".
    • Grenades: "Fire in the hole", "Throwing Frag!", "Throwing Smoke!", "Incoming Frag!", "Incoming Smoke!".

    Augustus Cole
    • Headshots: "Haha.. cute how they fall", "Looks dead to me", "Ahh yea! I got enough for all of y'all", "That ones for the highlight reel".
    • Pick-ups: "Got it", "Got 'em", "I will take those", "Supplies for the effort!".
    • Active Reloads: "Woooo!", "Ergh.. redo that one", "****!!", "God dammit!", "Dammit!", "Time to get messy", "I'm in the zone baby!", "Soo.. HOT!".
    • Curbstomps: "Yeah!!, strap him to the bumper", "Try eating some boot sucka!", "Hahahahaah!", "Woo!, eat dirt!".
    • Kills: "Did you see that?", "Yeah!, which one of you freaks is next?", "Back in your hole *****!", "Burn *****!".
    • Chainsaws: "I could do that all day long", "Oh ****, I got some on me", "Yeah, I know that's gotta hurt, look at your legs.. their hanging off!".
    • Ammo: "Need ammo!", "I'm out".
    • 3rd Party: "Hey, good shot!".
    • Revives: "It's not nap time baby!", "Get back in the game", "Take care baby!".
    • Bleeding-out: "I can't die.. mama said I can't die!".
    • Friendly Fire: Coming Soon!
    • Grenades: "Throwing Frag!", "Throwing Smoke!", "Fire in the hole!", "Yeah, here.. catch this!", "Incoming Frag!", "Incoming Smoke!".

    • Headshots: "Ahh yea! suck it.. suck it!", "It had to happen", "Ha.. ain't so tough now are ya?", "Eatt itt!".
    • Pick-ups: "Lock and Load", "Got 'em", "Good to go".
    • Active Reloads: "Gotta be kidding me!", "****!", "**** yea!", "Urghhgh", "Let's do this!".
    • Curbstomps: "Anndd.. DEAD!", "Ahhh.. die freak!", "Come on baby, die for papa!".
    • Kills: "Got one!", "Eat that!", "Next!".
    • Chainsaws: "Oh man that was nasty!"
    • Ammo: "I'm out of ammo", "Urgh.. I'm out".
    • 3rd Party: "Oh yea!", "That's gotta hurt!", "Nice!".
    • Revives: "Not again!", "Get up!", "Lucky Shot!".
    • Bleeding-out: "Somebody help me!.. dammit!".
    • Friendly Fire: "Aww.. come on, your blocking my shots maan!".
    • Grenades: "Fire in the hole", "Smoke out!", "Frag out!", "Incoming Frag!", "Incoming Smoke!".

    Damon Baird
    • Headshots: "Never saw it coming", "Had to happen", "Lobotomized!", "Looks dead to me", "Just plain talented".
    • Pick-ups: "Got 'em", "Got it", "Hey, could always use more!".
    • Active Reloads: "****!", "Nice!", "Oh yea!", "Lock and Load", "**** yea!".
    • Curbstomps: "Stick to the ground!", "Ahh.. got some on me!".
    • Kills: "Nice", "Oh yea!", "Got one!", "Eat **** and die!", "Who's next?", "Ahh.. got some on me".
    • Chainsaws: "Ahh.. got some on me".
    • Ammo: "I need ammo!", "Out of ammo".
    • 3rd Party: "My bad!".
    • Revives: Coming Soon!
    • Bleeding-out: "Where the hell are you guys!?". , "Medic!, Medic!".
    • Friendly Fire: "Which side are you on?".
    • Grenades: "Smoke out!", "Frag out, "Incoming Frag!", "Incoming Smoke!".

    Dominic Santiago
    • Headshots: "Oh yea!", "Sup *****es?".
    • Pick-ups: "Lock and Load!", "I'll take that", "Don't mind if I do", "Supplies for the effort!".
    • Active Reloads: "**** yea!", "Dammit!", "Nice!", "Sweet!", "Yeah!", "****!", "Oh yea!".
    • Curbstomps: "Eat **** and die!", "Suck pavement!", "Just die will ya?".
    • Kills: "One dead grub".
    • Chainsaws: "That saved some ammo", "Mmmm.. juicy!", "I could do that all day long".
    • Ammo: "She's empty!", "Need Ammo".
    • 3rd Party: Coming Soon!
    • Revives: "Get up *****!".
    • Bleeding-out: Coming Soon!
    • Friendly Fire: "Your blocking my shots!".
    • Grenades: "Smoke out!", "Frag out, "Incoming Frag!", "Incoming Smoke!".
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