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Temat na forum 'Kosz' rozpoczęty przez Layengoobby, Sierpień 22, 2012.

  1. Layengoobby

    Layengoobby Banned

    Sierpień 22, 2012
    Punkty za osiągnięcia:
    Indicate that the euro-zone countries for that Greek "Exit" to accomplish the program compared to the finance ministers
    BRUSSELS, Could 23 (Reporter Zhangzheng Fu Chong Taihai) Fanna Kerr, 23, in Brussels, Belgiums Deputy Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer implied that the euro-zone countries is Greece to exit the possibility of your euro spot do plan. This really is the euro-zone nations senior governing administration authorities for the initial time publicly acknowledged would be the Greek "exit" to prepare. Fanna Kerr to show up at the EU leaders casual evening meal meetings to the media on arrival in the venue Coach Handbags said: "We must persevere as a way to stay away from Greece out with the euro, but that will not mean that we do not have the worst outcomes to organize when the federal government does not do the options for on their own trying to prevent what happened, it is actually irresponsible. "Recently, with the raise in Greek domestic political uncertainty, the risk from the Greek out with the euro turn into the focus of consideration from the EU leaders . The brand new French president, François Hollande, for the very first time for you to take part in the assembly of EU leaders get there in the venue stated: "The French choose to keep inside the euro area, Greece but Greece must also comply with all the commitments produced in the same time, the euro zone should show willing willingness to support Greece, "European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso mentioned after talks just before the summit assembly with caretaker Primary Minister of Greece, Pique Lame North European Commission highly hope that Greece carries on to keep inside the euro area, and commitment" Christian Louboutin uk provided that Greece structural reforms to stick to international aid under the agreement, the ecu Commission will provide all vital economic support to do every little thing achievable to avoid the Greek out with the euro. Also, Barroso also stated the "enormous sacrifice" made through the Greek persons to get over the personal debt disaster recognition. But he pressured that the complete implementation of your 2nd round in the international rescue strategy would be the smallest way to Greece to return to development and work creation one of the most fast, the degree of problems.
    Industrial Coach Handbags producer price adjustments in April 2012
    In April 2012, the countrys industrial producer prices fell 0.7 Louis Vuitton Outlet percent, rose 0.two %. Getting rates of commercial producers fell 0.eight %, unchanged (Adjust charge is 0). 1-4 months of 2012 typical, industrial producer rates fell 0.1 percent, the acquiring costs of commercial Christian Louboutin Shoes producers rose 0.6 %. , Industrial producer costs year-on-year changes in industrial producer ex-factory rates of production components fell 1.2%, of which the extractive sectors prices by two.2%, raw materials, industrial prices rose 0.1%, processing business rates fell 2.two percent. Subsistence costs rose one.one percent, food prices rose 2.two %, clothing rates rose two.one percent, the general commodity prices rose one.1%, tough consumer items prices fell 1.1 %. Buying costs of commercial producers inside the non-ferrous components and wire rates down by five.7%, ferrous metals costs fell four.7%, chemical uncooked components costs fell 3.0 percent, the price tag of fuel and power rose by Christian Louboutin uk 3.4%, creating materials and non-metallic rates rose one.three %, lumber and pulp prices rose 0.8 %, costs of agricultural and sideline merchandise rose 0.five percent. , Industrial producer rates for industrial producer ex-factory price than changes in production prices, rose 0.two %, which, the rates of extractive industries rose one.2%, uncooked materials, industrial costs rose 0.4%, processing market rates had been flat (Modify charge of 0 ). Ring of residing materials prices rose 0.one %, meals rates rose 0.3%, clothes costs rose 0.2 percent, the general commodity rates rose 0.2%, tough consumer items prices fell 0.three percent. Purchasing rates of commercial producers in the chain of gasoline and power prices rose 0.seven %, lumber and pulp rates rose 0.2%, rates of agricultural and sideline solutions rose 0.one %, non-ferrous steel components and wire prices decreased 0.8 %, creating components and non-metallic prices fell by 0.3 percent, textile uncooked supplies and chemical uncooked supplies prices fell 0.2 percent.

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