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Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 ANG

Temat na forum 'Osiągnięcia' rozpoczęty przez Wonex, Czerwiec 28, 2011.

  1. Wonex

    Wonex Użytkownik Użytkownik

    Marzec 6, 2010
    Punkty za osiągnięcia:
    Congrats are in order 10G
    Win an Exhibition match.
    Self explanatory, just set up any exhibition match on any difficulty and win. You can get this when going for Smokin’

    Smokin' 20G
    Defeat Kane in an Inferno Match.
    Go to Exhibition; set up Inferno Match 1P vs. COM. Pick anyone you want to play with, but make sure you pick Kane as your opponent. When you get the “Degrees” Meter up to 300, you will be able to finish him off. Just do a strong grapple, (Hold RB and Up on the Right Stick) and drag him to the ropes with the left stick. End of match.

    Create A Finisher 10G
    Defeat an opponent using a Created Finisher in a match.
    Go to Create Mode; Create a Finisher. Do whatever you will. Assign it to any wrestler of your choice or your CAW. Do any type of match and use the finisher and Win.

    A brawl to end them all 30G
    Win in both a Locker Room Brawl and Backstage Brawl.
    You can do this two ways. One way is do John Cena’s RTWM and eventually you will get to pick to fight someone in a choice of either. You can do one and win, then reload your save, and fight in the other and win. You will get the achievement
    You will be able to unlock the Locker Room Brawl in CM Punk’s RTWM. And once it has been unlocked, you will be able to play it in exhibition mode. Since Backstage Brawl is already unlocked from the beginning, just play two exhibition matches of each and make sure you win.

    Lights,Camera,Action! 30G
    Create at least 1 original WWE highlight reel.
    Pause the game during any match and go to Instant Replay. Save a clip of whatever length. After that match is over, go back to the main menu to the Highlight Reel Section. Upload the clip you just made and save it into your new and lame Highlight Reel. You will get the achievement as soon as it saves.

    Hot Tag 30G
    Perform a hot tag in a tag team match and win.
    You must do this with a computer player. Tag out as soon as the match starts so you are on the apron. Hold Up or Down on the D-Pad to start the hot tag meter. Once it is full, there should be an animation with your wrestler looking for the tag. Now you just have to wait for the stupid computer to tag you in. Hold down RB + Y so he gets the picture and tags you in. Once tagged in, you must follow a two one button commands. You must be quick though. Basically you will come out, clothesline the legal man and than take out the opponent on the apron. You will than be able to do your finisher on the legal man by pressing Y. This completes the hot tag, you just have to win the match. It does not have to be immediately following the tag though; just eventually win.

    In each story description I will make notes of where you should make additional saves in order to gain the story achievements and the special bonuses that you may missed since you didn’t make an additional save.

    Cena Story 20G
    Complete Cena's story in Road to WrestleMania mode.
    Probably the most simple RTWM as the majority of the wrestlers you will be fighting are inferior compared to Cena. No special alternate saves need to be made unless you want to go for the “A brawl to end them all” achievement.

    Triple H Story 40G
    Complete Triple H's DX and Evolution route in Road to WrestleMania mode.
    You will need to make a second save for his story. When you get to No Way Out you will be special referee in a match between Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels. If Orton wins the match you will go down the Evolution story path, if Michaels wins you will do the DX story. Save your game before No Way Out, so once you've finished the story the first time through, reload the old save and change the path. You will also get all possible bonuses for HHH by doing so.

    Undertaker Story 20G
    Another easy one as Undertaker is far superior to majority of his opponents. You will want to make an additional save after you compete in a ladder match against the wrestler of choice(Santino or Finlay) as you will need to go back and pick the other so you can get the missable bonus unlock.

    Chris Jericho Story 20G
    Complete Chris Jericho's story in Road to WrestleMania mode.
    Somewhat difficult as majority of the opponents are alittle stronger than Jericho. But in order to get all the bonuses, when asked to select your prime suspect, make sure you pick Mr. Kennedy. There is no need to make additional saves for this one.

    Mysterio & Batista Story 40G
    Just play through as whoever you want, but make sure you have an additional save before WM. Beat WM with either Rey or Batista, and after you finish it, reload your save and pick the other and finish WM. But this one is very annoying as you will need to make multiple saves in order to go for the bonuses though.

    Times to make alternate saves:
    Before No Way Out.
    If your partner loses at No Way Out, make an additional save after you see the cutscene of the two arguing about them being Tag Champs.
    Please refer to Bonus Collector on how to get all the bonuses in the shortest time possible.

    The end of the road 200G
    Complete Road to WrestleMania mode using each selectable Superstar.
    After getting all the above achievements; (Cena, Jericho, Undertaker, HHH’s, and Batista/Rey) all you have to complete is CM Punk’s RTWM. His is fairly easy as well and there is no need to make additional saves.


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