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Verification Failed

Temat na forum 'Konsola' rozpoczęty przez xaxon, Wrzesień 13, 2009.

Status Tematu:
  1. xaxon

    xaxon Użytkownik Użytkownik

    Wrzesień 15, 2008
    Punkty za osiągnięcia:
    Ściągnołem Mercenaries 2.
    Po przepuszczeniu obrazu przez abgx wyszło coś takiego :

    [COLOR=#000099]\\//\\//\\//\\//[/COLOR][COLOR=#ffffff]  _ |_  _ [/COLOR][COLOR=#00ff00]\ \/ /[/COLOR][COLOR=#ffffff]_  _  _  [/COLOR][COLOR=#000099]\\//\\//\\//\\//\\//\\//\\//\\//\\//\\[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#000099]//\\//\\//\\//\\[/COLOR][COLOR=#ffffff] (_||_)(_|[/COLOR][COLOR=#00ff00]/ /\ \[/COLOR][COLOR=#ffffff]_||_ | | [/COLOR][COLOR=#000099]//\\//\\//\\//\\//\\//\\//\\//\\//\\//[/COLOR]
    Checking for updates to GameNameLookup.csv and abgx360.dat...
         Server file GameNameLookup.csv no newer than local file - not retrieving
         Server file abgx360.dat no newer than local file - not retrieving
    [COLOR=#00ff00]C:\Documents and Settings\Arek\Pulpit\mrcnrsII\mrcnrsII.Xbox360.PAL.Eng-Droganor.dvd is valid[/COLOR]
    Checking Game
         ISO: "C:\Documents and Settings\Arek\Pulpit\mrcnrsII\mrcnrsII.Xbox360.PAL.Eng-Droganor.iso"
         Size: 7835492352 bytes (SplitVid 2nd wave)
         Game partition offset: 0xFD90000
         Root sector: 1783935 (0xE99CF800), 2048 bytes
         default.xex sector: 1777626 (0xE8D7D000), 4661248 bytes
         Files in ISO: 55, Folders in ISO: 3
         Total bytes used: 6402871328 (87.73%)
    [COLOR=#00ff00]Game appears to have random padding[/COLOR]
    Checking default.xex
         Module Flags:          Title Module
         Image Flags:           XGD2 Media Only
                                64 KB Pages
         System Flags:          Uses Game Voice Channel
                                Pal50 Incompatible
         Title ID:              45410828 (EA-2088)
         Ver / Base Ver:        v0.0.0.4 / v0.0.0.4
         Disc Number:           1 of 1
         Original PE Filename:  Mercs2_Xenon_F.exe
         Original PE Timestamp: 2008/08/03 06:40:44
         Allowed Media Types:   DVD-XGD2 (Xbox 360 original disc)
         Game Ratings:          USK:     18+
         Compression Info:      Compressed and Encrypted
         Title Type:            Full Game Title
         Dashboard Languages:   English (default)
         [IMG]file:///C:/Program Files/abgx360/Images/45410828-00008000.png[/IMG]
         Game Name:             [COLOR=#ffffff][B]Mercenaries 2[/B][/COLOR]
         Developer:             PANDEMIC STUDIOS
         Publisher:             ELECTRONIC ARTS
         Genre:                 ACTION ADVENTURE
         Description: Mercs 2 is a next-gen playground of destruction in South America. Build your Private Military Corporation to hunt down a dangerous terrorist, as an escalating global conflict flares up and threatens the entire region. We're going for a unique, living world that is a blend of civilian and military. Then we let you explore it from the peak of the highest mountain to the deepest-darkest jungles, using an incredible arsenal of all the coolest military and civilian vehicles and tech. Finally, we add co-op giving players something they've been craving for years - multiplayer in the free-roaming genre.
         Features:              Offline Players: 1
                                Offline Co-op
                                System Link Players: 2
                                Dolby 5.1
                                Hard Drive Enhanced
                                Xbox Live Multiplayer: 2
                                Xbox Live Co-op
                                Xbox Live Voice
         Achievements:          40 Achievements totaling 1000 Gamerscore
         XEX CRC = 5A556175
         XEX Media ID: 763EECC930AD7DBB44B45F85-4C293F6E
    [COLOR=#ffffff]Mercenaries 2: World in Flames[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ffffff]Region Code: 0x00FF0000[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ffffff]  PAL[/COLOR]
    Checking SS
         04FB20h [COLOR=#0000ff]------- PSN ------>[/COLOR] 20339Fh DFCC60h [COLOR=#0000ff]------- PSN ------>[/COLOR] FB04DFh
    [COLOR=#0000ff]  +----------------------------------+----------------------------------+[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#0000ff]  |[/COLOR]  L0 Data Area = 1783936 sectors  [COLOR=#0000ff]|[/COLOR]  L1 Data Area = 1783936 sectors  [COLOR=#0000ff]|[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#0000ff]  +----------------------------------+----------------------------------+[/COLOR]
         0x000FD90000 [COLOR=#0000ff]-------->[/COLOR] 0x00E99CFFFF 0x00E99D0000 [COLOR=#0000ff]-------->[/COLOR] 0x01C360FFFF
    [COLOR=#0000ff]  <-----------------[/COLOR] 3567872 sectors (7307001856 bytes) [COLOR=#0000ff]---------------->[/COLOR]
         Timestamp of Authoring: 2008/08/04 00:00:00
         Timestamp of Mastering: 2008/08/20 00:16:12
    [COLOR=#0000ff]  ----------------------------------------------------------------------[/COLOR]
         CT RT CID Mod? Pad? Data          CD       Response Angle Deviation
    [COLOR=#0000ff]  -- -- --  --   --   ------------- -------- -------- ----- ------------[/COLOR]
         14    60  00   00                 187826F9 7EC56CCE
            03 60  00   00   04A9B0 04B9AF 187826F9 7EC56CCE
         15    39  00   00                 018CC31D 985051B3
            01 39  00   00   20D7F0 20E7EF 018CC31D 985051B3
         14    38  00   00                 748B5ADD 198F0956
            03 38  00   00   DF85F0 DF95EF 748B5ADD 198F0956
         15    13  00   00                 AE795F33 4D01B61F
            01 13  00   00   FB5B70 FB6B6F AE795F33 4D01B61F
         24    5B  0F   00                 C9A9CE0F C9A90001 1    
            07 5B  00   00   04A9B0 04B72F C9A9CE0F 01000000 1      0   (00.0%)
         25    1E  0F   00                 BA8160B4 BA81005B 91   
            05 1E  00   00   20D7F0 20E56F BA8160B4 5B000000 91     0   (00.0%)
         24    22  0F   00                 10D59DF2 10D500B5 181  
            07 22  00   00   DF85F0 DF936F 10D59DF2 B5000000 181    0   (00.0%)
         25    55  0F   00                 D4218CB8 D421010F 271  
            05 55  00   00   FB5B70 FB68EF D4218CB8 0F010000 271    0   (00.0%)
         01    D3  00   00                 B8786FDF FA2A7FA9
            00 D3  00   00   B9FA2A 7B7FA9 00000000 00000000
         E0    04  00   00                 AF1FD654 6281F42A
            E0 04  00   00   0F6281 A9F42A 00000000 00000000
    [COLOR=#0000ff]  ----------------------------------------------------------------------[/COLOR]
         CPR_MAI: B8786FDF
         SS CRC = 134ADECC (RawSS = FF24BEE8)
         SS Media ID: 763EECC930AD7DBB44B45F85-4C293F6E (matches game)
    [COLOR=#00ff00]SS looks valid[/COLOR]
    Checking DMI
         Timestamp of Authoring: 2008/08/04 00:00:00 (matches SS)
         DMI CRC = CFAAC64C
         DMI Media ID: 763EECC930AD7DBB44B45F85-4C293F6E (matches game)
    [COLOR=#00ff00]DMI looks valid[/COLOR]
    Checking PFI
         030000h [COLOR=#0000ff]------- PSN ------>[/COLOR] 03086Fh FCF790h [COLOR=#0000ff]------- PSN ------>[/COLOR] FCF9C3h
    [COLOR=#0000ff]  +----------------------------------+----------------------------------+[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#0000ff]  |[/COLOR]  L0 Data Area = 0002160 sectors  [COLOR=#0000ff]|[/COLOR]  L1 Data Area = 0000564 sectors  [COLOR=#0000ff]|[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#0000ff]  +----------------------------------+----------------------------------+[/COLOR]
         0x0000000000 [COLOR=#0000ff]-------->[/COLOR] 0x0000437FFF 0x01D2F68000 [COLOR=#0000ff]-------->[/COLOR] 0x01D3081FFF
    [COLOR=#0000ff]  <-----------------[/COLOR] 0002724 sectors (0005578752 bytes) [COLOR=#0000ff]---------------->[/COLOR]
         PFI CRC = A4CFB59C
    [COLOR=#00ff00]PFI matches known data (2nd wave)[/COLOR]
    Video partition found
         Volume ID: "XGD2DVD_NTSC"
         Volume space size: 2724 sectors (5578752 bytes)
         Volume creation date & time: 2006/03/06 21:09:07 (GMT-08:00)
         [COLOR=#00ff00]Video is zero padded[/COLOR]
         Video CRC = 91410773 (V0 = 81DF6964, V1 = E47F6A94)
    [COLOR=#00ff00]Video partition matches known data (2nd wave)[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#00ff00]Stealth check passed![/COLOR]
    Starting Verification
         Looking for 134ADECC5A556175.ini in the online verified database
         There is no verified rip of this Xex/SS combination in the online database
    Failed to find a verified ini file for this Xex/SS combination
    [COLOR=#ffff00]Verification failed[/COLOR]
    Starting AutoFix
         Looking for Xex_5A556175.ini in the online verified database
         There are no verified rips of this Xex in the online database
    Failed to find a verified ini file for this Xex
    [COLOR=#ffff00]AutoFix Failed, Stealth is still unverified[/COLOR]
    Checking for AnyDVD style game data corruption while running CRC check...
    [COLOR=#00ff00]  AnyDVD style corruption was not detected[/COLOR]
         Game CRC = F996BEDA
    Czy taki obraz gry jest poprawny, można śmiało wypalić?
    XDVDMulleter wskazuje, że wszystko jest 100% OK
  2. Lotnik421 Xbox One

    Ja z swojej strony polecam
  3. igorro

    igorro Użytkownik Użytkownik

    Listopad 2, 2008
    Punkty za osiągnięcia:
  4. sebolek

    sebolek Użytkownik Użytkownik

    Marzec 19, 2008
    Punkty za osiągnięcia:
    na zielono na zielono no to ok... przepuść jeszcze raz przez ABGX i powinno być git
  5. xsmialek

    xsmialek Użytkownik Użytkownik

    Kwiecień 19, 2009
    Punkty za osiągnięcia:
    gdzie Ty widzisz verification failed na zielono, bo przeciez o to sie gosciu pyta? myslisz ze jak przepusci jeszcze raz przez abgx to drugim razem wyswietli mu na zielono?

    jesli masz verification failed to gra bedzie dzialac, wiem bo sam takie nagrywalem. jednak czy jest to bezpieczne na xbl to nie wiem.

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