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XM360 v1.3b

Temat na forum 'Homebrew' rozpoczęty przez ZigUS, Marzec 26, 2010.

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  1. ZigUS

    ZigUS Użytkownik Użytkownik

    Listopad 9, 2008
    Punkty za osiągnięcia:
    XM360 1.3.b
    Typical usage:
    Launch XM360.xex
    Choose Scan All - This will show you all XBLA titles installed
    (choose Unlock to unlock them if needed)
    Choose Collection Manager
    Once in the Collection Manager you will see a list of all known XBLA titles.
    They will be marked as:
    "Have" - it is installed
    "Missing" - it is missing
    "Ignored" - it is ignored
    A title reaches the "Ignored" state by selecting it in the list,
    and pressing the "X" button.
    The "Y" button will filter the list in the following order:
    ALL (all existing titles)
    Just Missing
    Just Have
    Just Ignored
    After you are done, you should find a file in the root of your usb stick called
    xbla_report.txt. That will list all of your missing titles.
    As more XBLA titles come out, you can place a file in the root of your usb stick
    called xbla_titles.csv. A simple perl script which creates this file can be found
    with this release.run it as follows:
    perl scrapeMS.pl > xbla_titles.csv

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  3. ZigUS

    ZigUS Użytkownik Użytkownik

    Listopad 9, 2008
    Punkty za osiągnięcia:
    XM360 1.4 Preview -- Mar 28th, 2010

    * There has been a TON of work put in recently, and I wanted to get a "preview"
    version out so that I can start hearing the bug reports/feature requests
    * Instead of scanning the drive every single time, XM360 now stores the results
    of the scan in a local file after the scan is completed. This is important for
    the following reasons: 1) If you don't "rescan" after you know there have been
    changes, those changes WILL NOT be reflected in XM360... So, remember to "rescan"
    if you have added or removed content. 2) Currently, you can't choose where this file
    gets stored. It could be slow on a USB stick, and break completely if you try to
    turn XM360 into a LIVE package.
    * There is now major support for transfering content between 360s that are running
    XM360. Make sure each one has a recent "rescan". And see the config file for
    information on how to configure XM360 to find your 360s on the network. You can
    "push" content to another box, or "pull" content to your local box. All content is
    displayed with a big "L" if it is local, and a big "R" if it is remote. Currently,
    this is only implemented for XBLA titles (not DLC or TU yet).
    * Transfers are initiated by clicking down on the right thumbstick. Anyone get a
    better icon for this than the one I made?
    * Transfer status is shown at the bottom of the screen. I suggest you don't do
    anything *wrong* why the transfer is working (like launching a title). Also, you
    can start multiple transfers, since it is all threaded...but in this version it
    really confuses the transfer status at the bottom of the screen.
    * A GREAT BIG HUGE thanks to dschu012 of x-s for altering the fetchMS_DLC.pl script.
    It brings the ability to match DLC based on filename instead of the title that is
    inside the content (which often didn't match the marketplace). I had to make substantial
    changes inside XM360 to use this new format, but it was all worth it. DLC collection
    management is considerably better because of this. I suggest you remove your dlc_ignored.
    csv if you have one, and start over. Also, since the format changed, make absolutely sure
    that if you had an alternate path set up for DLC_titles.csv that you overwrite the file
    that is there with the one included in this release of XM360.
    * XM360 now treats 0x7000 content as XBLA, so the "gameroom", and other things will show
    up on the first screen.
    * REMINDER: This is a "preview" release. There are a bunch of things left on my list:
    *** Add more status when connecting to remote ftp ie."Fetching Content"
    *** Add a better U/I for ftp transfers (instead of using the status bar?)
    *** Add display of Local/Remote to DLC and TU
    *** Add Transfers to DLC and TU
    *** Update the generated content.bin automatically when ftp transfers are done.

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  4. Emil_XXL

    Emil_XXL Użytkownik Użytkownik

    Grudzień 27, 2008
    Punkty za osiągnięcia:
    do czego to jest ?

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